Apr 26, 2022

An Introduction to Modern Advertising, An Introduction to US

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Our founding and who we are


We work to make your brand's vision a reality, from logo and advertisement design to site design and digital content using some of the most high-profile design and web development software on the market. We strive to create a feeling of visual excellence and modern appeal during the branding process, allowing for a long-term agency-client relationship and an end goal of creating a brand image that will take your customers' breath away.

What You'll Learn

Our founding and who we are

How our location impacts design appeal

Why working with a small town advertising agency could be for you


ackson Hole, known as the epicenter of outdoor lifestyle culture and home to the world's most photographed mountain range, has become a popular destination for people wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. With its pristine riverbanks, boundless alpine treetops, and the occasional brisk winter breeze, it's easy to see why an advertising business would want to set up shop here, and in many respects, what has just been described did have a significant influence on the choice. The entire narrative, however, is much more than just the natural beauty of what Jackson has to offer.

Our Founding

If you go deeper into the culture of one of Wyoming's most popular mountain towns, you'll discover a huge residents populace that was first lured to the region by its beauty but has ended up remaining for reasons far more fundamental than what is visible at first glance.

The year-round residents of the town have a wonderfully tranquil vibe. A sense of calm that comes from the delight of individuals who see the world differently than the majority of people. A peace that permits creativity to flourish without apology, and a peace that only those who live inside it can appreciate.

This tranquility isn't something that just anybody can get from visiting; it has to be earned, provided selectively by the elements and the natural environment around you, gradually revealing itself when shown respect.

We see design as a mirror image of potential, alike to the tranquility that Jackson provides. It, too, must be earned by careful consideration and hands-on collaboration. The same way a local's true view of the valley is earned, an alignment between a client's ideas and a finished design construct is earned, and we take pride in bringing that same mindset into each project, since advertising and digital design may be a daunting world to grasp and one that should not be addressed single-handedly.

So, certainly, our roots run deep in the Snake River Valley, partly because of its beauty, but also because of nature's continuous example of patience and respect. Allowing human relationships to establish trust and long-term success in a brand's identity via a design construct, by viewing each notion as something valuable that needs to be better understood.

How the Natural World Outlines Modern Aesthetics

The natural environment around us may be a wonderful manifestation of opportunity in itself, just as design can be a brand's greatest visual statement of opportunity. What's fascinating is that the environment around us only provides that possibility to those who choose to take use of it.

We share a similar perspective on current aesthetics. The opportunity is present; the issue is in taking advantage of it. Peak Design Media evaluates those opportunities and develops an engagement strategy that builds traction and interest in a brand's identity, approaching each problem with the proper visual attitude and advancing through each challenge with a clearer knowledge of the final objective in mind.

This plan of engagement is referred to as our brand strategy workshop, and it is broken down into five strategic segments, each of which is designed to help better identify opportunities and threats while also developing a refined brand identity that can be used for all subsequent branding design as the visual process progresses.

Brand Strategy Workshop Workflow Graphic | Peak Design Media

So Why Work With a Small Town Agency?

The unmistakably thorough approach to the goals of your project! Our small-town background has given us a unique perspective on the varying needs of each of our client's projects, and we take pleasure in the fact that no pre-determined template matches the scale of each project.

As a small-town advertising firm, it is our aim to maintain these interpersonal relationships, and our objective is that each project is done with the intention of continuing a long-standing collaboration, while also establishing a better branding identity and consumer interaction strategy along the way.

We are Peak Design Media, and we're excited to work with you and your next visual advertising campaign one-on-one, so let's connect and start the discussion!

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